Storm (Bad Boys of X-Ops #3)

5 Stars

This is an AWESOME read….  the 3rd book in this series, and it can be read as a stand-alone.

Nash “Storm” Lafontaine, a good ole boy from New Orleans, has been half in love with his boss, Blaize Carmichael for a year and a half.  A mission comes up in New Orleans, with his old MC, The Legion.  Storm had left someone there that he needed to try to help, so he signs up for the mission.  Blaize signs on as his biker babe, and the two head undercover.  Their mission is to bring down the Legion, notorious for drugs and now arms deals.
Blaize is one woman you don’t want to tangle with, she’s definitely a strong female heroine.   She does have demons that she does her best to control, with her tough demeanor.  Storm is a typical Alpha Male, and when things get messy, he’ll do whatever he has to do to protect Blaize.    Blaize is attracted to Storm, and battles her own willpower, the dilemma is being involved with someone on her own team.

Things do take a turn for the worse when the Prez of the MC figures out that they are there to take down the organization.  With an explosive end to the club, Blaize and Storm have successfully completed their mission.

There are a few twists, like who was it that Storm went back to help?  Can Blaize overcome her own doubts, lay her demons to rest and find the love she wants in Storms arms?
You do get some X-Op’s side in this story as well as the MC, so it does have some graphic language, and steamy sex. This is a page turner, too awesome to put down – I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

I received a free copy of this book to read and review.


Crave Me


Where do I start with this book?  It had me completely captivated from the first paragraph.  I am new to the works of M. Robinson.  Crave Me is #4 in the Good Ole Boys Series.  And it is an explosive, heart wrenching story. 

Briggs is a feisty young woman, who uses a tough guy exterior and a smart mouth to hide her pain and insecurities.  As a child, she was a spoiled little girl, whose parents who adore her.  She is in the middle of a temper tantrum in the back seat, when they are struck by a hit and run driver.  Her parents die in the accident, and she is taken to live with her Uncle.  Uncle is a dark foreboding and mysterious man.  Briggs grows up a very lonely girl, just wanting to fit in and be loved.  At the age of 15, she watches her bodyguard be beaten by her Uncle, and dragged away after he shot him.  She becomes a Martinez, and loses herself in the world of her Uncle.

Austin is a troubled young man, whose demons hound him at every turn.  As a boy, he was the youngest of the “brotherhood”, his best friends.  Austin always felt he was on the outside looking in.  As he grows older, he mistakes his great friendship with Half-Pint as love, and tries to kiss her.  Realizing he’s made a mistake, he instantly becomes a “bad boy” living a life that attempts to numb his emptiness.  At odds with his parents, he almost kills himself and his best friend in a car accident.  Feeling ashamed, angry and at odds with everyone, he runs from everyone.

Briggs meets Austin at a party, and their brief encounter has her completely entranced with Austin.  Austin is head over heels for the girl with purple hair and tattoos.  They don’t meet again for a year.  And this time, they become inseparable.  Briggs makes him a part of her world, but it’s a dark and dangerous world.  And it feeds Austin’s demons.  Will their love survive? 

This book starts you at the beginning so you understand their history as children.  And it follows them into a love story that is poignant and heart wrenching at the same time.  Austin, unable to control his demons gives into cravings.  But which craving will win?  His craving for the drugs that numb his mind and silence the demons?  Or the craving for the girl he loves with all his heart? 

There were times I thought I had the story line figured out, and it took a twist.  I got 80% into the book, and didn’t want to read the last part.  I was just so sure it was going to rip my heart in two.  And, it did.  The ending is shocking, I didn’t see that coming…  You’ll have to read the book for yourself.  I definitely recommend it.


Walker (Bad Boys of X-Ops #1)


Walker (Bad Boys of X-Ops #1)
Rie Warren
4 stars
This was a new author to me. It was a slow start for me, and at one point I didn’t think I was going to be able to get into the book. But, I’m glad I continued on.

Walker and Jade, are killers on opposite teams. And they can’t stand each other! Whenever they are near each other, they are ready to kill each other. A mission they are both working on, each with a different outcome as their goal, goes very wrong, and they are suddenly forced to work together to unravel the mess. That’s when the sparks really begin to fly.

Both characters are strong, warrior like, and determined. Walker however, is more in tune with his softer side than Jade is. He’s drawn to her in ways he never thought he’d feel. Jade fights him every step of the way, like a spitting, clawing polecat.

Aside from the sexual tension, and hot sex scenes, the plot is one that keeps you intrigued. They end up running for their lives, while trying to protect Jade’s asset. The irony is not lost on Walker, that the asset he was trying to kill, is now someone he’s trying to keep alive.

In the midst of all the intrigue, fighting, killing and intense sex, Jade and Walker share their innermost secrets. And together they face the demons that haunt them and drive them to the killing that they do. Can they find the healing that they need, and a love that will survive being on opposite sides of the killing game?

I’ll never tell…… check out the book and find out for yourself. I definitely recommend this book.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed on behalf of MI Bookshelf29355245

Stuck Up Suit

stuck up suit

Stuck Up Suit
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
5 Stars

I’m new to the works of either author, so I had nothing but the title and description to base my decision to read this book on.  It is a standalone, so it can be read without reading Cocky Bastard, the first in their series.  I will say, after reading this book, I am planning on going back and reading the first one.

Soraya is a quirky, feisty and one of a kind girl.  She definitely marches to her own drummer, but she has a warm loving heart once she lets someone inside her walls.  Graham is a stuck up snob, who is rude, angry and self-absorbed.  But that is what his walls look like to the naked eye.  Soraya dubs him Mr. Big Prick after Mr. Big in Sex In The City, and mostly because he’s so rude and obnoxious.

They meet on a chance encounter after he drops his phone on the morning train commute to work.  Soraya finds the phone and keeps it for a few days.  Stalking him though the saved pictures on his phone, trying to glean what kind of a person this handsome man is that caught her eye.  She finally decides to return his phone, only to find out that Mr. Big Prick won’t open the door of his office to come out and see what she has for him.  She leaves the phone, with some racy selfies, and a feisty text message, and he’s instantly intrigued and drawn to her personality.

They text back and forth before finally meeting, and they begin dating.  She is the breath of fresh air that his world has been needing.  Graham is a serious, arrogant and rude S.O.B. and Soraya blows into his life turning his world upside down.

Soraya and Graham each have fears and insecurities that they carry from their pasts, and those have dictated their present, until now.  She’s afraid of being hurt, and he’s afraid of being betrayed again.

The story has some great twists, turns, and emotional surprises that get your heart pumping.  She faces her demons, and he’s there to help protect her.  Shocking you with his warm, caring, protective side.  And then suddenly, they are faced with a crisis that threatens to rip them apart at the seams.  Soraya, faced with trying to do what is right for Graham, makes the most painful decision of her life.  You can feel your heart breaking right along with her.   Is their love, still so new and fragile, strong enough to withstand the trials and tribulations that they now face?

You’ll have to read the story for yourself and find out.  I will say this in conclusion….  I felt their heartbreak, I felt their passion, I cried with them, and I was angry and frustrated when they were…  if you are looking for a book that will reach out and grab you, open your heart and make you feel it as if you were there, then this is the book you’ve been looking for.  I would definitely recommend this book.

ARC provided by authors in exchange for an honest review.

Once Upon A Forever


Once Upon a Forever
A.V. Scott
5 stars

This book went between the past and the present, laying the foundation from the past for the current story.  Doing this helped keep my attention, I kept waiting to unravel the mysteries.

This is a story that tugs on your heartstrings and makes you feel the heartbreak of the main characters.  They are star crossed lovers.  Emma wanted to be a loner, no friends, no love interest, nothing to hold her there, waiting for the chance to leave.  She meets Cooper, and falls in love.  But that love is broken when she thinks Cooper is cheating on her.  So, she leaves without saying anything to anyone.  She comes back for her mother’s funeral, but dreads seeing anyone from her past.

Cooper loved Emma from the start.  But, now he’s married to her sister.  Deep down, it’s Emma that he wanted then, and wants still.  The story is filled with both main characters suffering deep hurts at the hands of other people.  Emma is devastated by the betrayal of her own sister.

I did get frustrated with the way they handled things in the past, but they both made mistakes.  The question is, is it too late to repair the damage and find the love they thought they had?

I was not disappointed at all with this book, the story flowed smoothly and kept my attention.  I would recommend this book.

Bad Luck (The Bad Books)

bad luck

Bad Luck (The Bad Books)
Pseudonymous Bosch

5 stars

I will admit, I requested this book from Netgalley based on the description, and that it was a children’s book. It is about a summer camp for kids with magical abilities set on volcanic island with an obscure history. One of the campers, Clay, doesn’t appear to have any magical abilities and isn’t sure why he’s there.  Until the day he discovers the cave with all the drawings and a mysterious book.  The book is filled with whimsy, magic, villains, and heroes.  I enjoyed the book from the first page to the last page.

This is the sequel to Bad Magic. I was not aware that this was a second in a series, but this was an excellent stand alone. This is the kind of book that will catch a kid’s attention and hold on to it right until the last page. This is the kind of book that is filled with enough adventure and fantasy to hold a young readers attention all the way through the book. Every character has a role and it is quite magical how each of them seem to draw you into the pages of the book.  I can’t wait to catch up on this series and then move on with the next books.

I received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Quinn Book 1 (Undaunted Men)

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5 Stars

Ok… I have always tried not to judge a book by it’s cover, but come on… this cover is just….  Let me wipe the drool from my chin.

I am new to the work of J.C. Cliff, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But, I have to admit, based on the cover I was skeptical.  So, I snuggled on the couch with my Kindle, and was immediately immersed in this story.

Quinn, what can I say about Quinn?  He starts out a womanizing prick… and you are set to dislike him.  But, his character is written beautifully. Not only is he an Adonis  to drool over,  but he has emotions, depth, and most surprisingly of all, a caring personality.

He owes a favor to the Moretti Mafia family, and is sent to track down the Mafia Princess.  Once he finds her, he finds that he’s drawn to her in ways he never expected.  He also finds out that the information he’s been given, is completely incorrect.  Now he doesn’t know what to believe.  And, in spite of himself, he believes in Lexi, and gives her his heart.

I’m reading, anxious to find out what the secrets are, and Lexi realizes Quinn has a few secrets of his own.  She runs away from him…. Smack dab into…………….

The cliffhanger … What .. The …           J.C.! You are killing me.   “What would be a J.C. Cliff novel if I didn’t leave you hanging on a Cliff?”   My jaw dropped….  Now, I’m hoping I get to read the second one to review as well!!!

This is one series you do NOT want pass up.

Thank you J.C. for the ARC! I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the books.